Barefoot Hiking

There are a growing number of us that enjoy hiking barefoot, as a pleasurable outdoor activity. Some of us do this occasionally, others are more avid and strongly prefer going barefoot.

We hope that others are able to understand that we barefoot hikers enjoy our 'vistas' of ground textures as much as many other hikers enjoy vistas of snow, icy rock, desert cacti .. and so on. Barefooting adds, for us, a tactile dimension that is simply delicious. Admittedly, it may be an 'acquired' taste.

Why We Hike Barefoot . . .

The Barefoot Hikers are groups of people who enjoy hiking together barefoot. The first Barefoot Hikers chapter was started in Thomaston, Connecticut by Richard Frazine, author of The Barefoot Hiker.

More Information ...

The Barefoot Hiker : A book about bare feet.

Frazine, Richard K.
Ten Speed Press, Berkeley, CA
ISBN: 0-89815-525-8

It's a "how-to" book on barefoot hiking, but also on bare feet in general including thoughts, perceptions, and a historical and cultural viewpoint. It's a great little book at $7.95.

This book is available from

It is also available online.   However, it's worth having a copy to show friends, relatives and the people you meet on the trail. It's amazing how certain skeptical types suddenly "unwind" and open their minds a little when they are shown that there is "even a book" on the topic. Oh well . . .  whatever works :-)

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