Summer at Buckhorn
By  Anna Rose Wright
New York, The Viking Press, 1943
243 p. illus. 22 cm. ( LC Call No.: PZ7.W92Su)

About a group of kids who have miscellaneous adventures while spending their summer at their Aunt's farm. Their shoes come off shortly after arrival and are not used again for the duration of the summer.
There is, however, another visitor, a boy who doesn't quite fit into the group. Among other things, he insists on wearing shoes. Finally, when no one is looking, he goes out and tries climbing a tree barefoot. Before the day is over, he spots an emergency and saves a life. In the process he has to traverse some rough ground barefoot and earns the others' admiration.

Finally, it is time to put on their shoes and go home. One of the group makes a comment to the effect: "It's like your feet have gone deaf."

The book is from the early part of the century, but is in many libraries. It is a good children's adventure story in general and certainly makes the point that you can have a lot of fun spending a summer barefoot.