The mass media (magazines, TV, movies and so on) are tending more and more to portray footwear as automatically (and always) required. We often see the following:

Revisionist History
  • The Movie: "Rob Roy".
    The Setup: Early 18th-Century tale of Scottish hero of the people, known as Rob Roy
    The Costume Designer: Sandy Powell, whose credits include "Interview With the Vampire," "Orlando," "The Crying Game," "Caravaggio" and "Edward II."
    ..."Powell decided that, to modern eyes, men in kilts with bare legs "would have looked a bit daft," so she put them in knee-high leather boots. Highlanders actually went barefoot while working the land; all the rain and mud would have made shoes pointless. When they did wear shoes, moccasins without socks were it."
  • During the early episodes of The Waltons (depression-era family life in Appalachia) the kids went barefoot (historically correct for the time and place). Apparently, after some viewers complained (some kind of denial?), the producer shod the kids.

Adulteration of Classic Stories

Sometimes there seems to be a rule ...

While watching Brady Bunch re-runs, we noticed that they were always shod as soon as their feet touched the ground. Even in a bedroom the shoes would be slipped on when getting off the bed just to cross to the other side of the room.