Joining the East Bay Barefoot Hikers

This form provides a convenient method for sending information that we need in order to add you to the list. Once you are on the list, you will get hike announcements, directions to hike locations and other details. The list information is confidential and is only seen by the list maintainer (Mike). E-mail addresses, phone-numbers and so on are never given out (even to other list members). This means that, if you want someone's e-mail address or phone number, the only way you are going to get it is to get to know that person on a hike and then ask them directly.

This group is for barefoot hikers only (or people seriously interested in giving it try).
Remember: To participate, you must (at the very least) begin each hike in bare feet.

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The "Street Address" and "Zip" in the above is there because we would like to move away from labor-intensive telephone notifications for people who don't have e-mail (or check it infrequently). We would prefer instead to paper-mail a hike list periodically in one of those envelope things (what a concept!).

It's good to give your telephone number even if you prefer e-mail since we (the hike leaders) then have a way of contacting you in the event of any last minute changes.

When you get a hike announcement, you don't have to respond as to whether you are coming or not (you can decide when you wake up that morning if you prefer). We don't let rain put us off (unless it's a torrential downpour) ... in fact we've had some very pleasant squishy wet hikes in our raingear.

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