Democratic Schools
In these schools (mostly modeled after Sudbury Valley School in Massachusetts), kids actually set the school policies and rules. Each child and staff member has one equal vote (see "Majority rules, even in hiring" at The Circle School). Not surprisingly, when given this real power, kids don't set dress-code policies that include compulsory footwear. To learn more about these schools and their philosophy, click on the pictures below. Other Sudbury-type schools can be found on this list (there are quite number around the U.S. and around the world).

From the cover of the current Sudbury Valley School brochure (click for larger image)

Outdoor lesson at Sudbury Valley School   (click for larger image)

At Diablo Valley School (click for school website)

Cedarwood's garden (click for school website)

At Cedarwood (click for school website)

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