Barefoot ?
Yes ... Barefoot .... as in not wearing shoes or socks. It's as simple as that.

pfhb1.jpg (11244 bytes)Do we mean barefoot all the time?   ....  Absolutely not!!   There are many circumstances where shoes instead of bare feet are definitely advisable. Dependent on climate and the kind of place you live, it is possible to go safely and happily barefoot between 70% and 95% of the time. The facts bear this out. This is in stark contrast to conventional wisdom which immerses us in the perception that shoes are required 99% of the time. Children suffer from this shoe-obsessed society almost from the moment of birth ... resulting in weak, deformed, unhealthy, desensitized and  unhappy feet. And the shoe companies and podiatrists have built a much, much larger business from it than they otherwise could have.