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The following pictures (except the last one) are of rugby at Wesbank Primary School .  A translation of the material (in Afrikaans) at their website provides the following:

"The Wesbank Primary School is a traditional country school in the heart of the Little Karoo.  The pupils are part of an Afrikaans medium school. They still walk barefoot to school and grow up in a safe environment.  Here, a child is still a child and they play after school just like the old days."

... on the the History ("Geskiedenis") page, referring to the school building completed in 1914, it reads:
"No unifrom school wear existed and the kids went to school barefooted." Some paragraphs down: "Today, the school is considerably modernised and child-friendly... Interesting is that the pupils once more, after so many years, attend school in bare feet - everyone is very excited about that. The school has grown to the biggest in Oudtshoorn with 710 pupils from grade R (i.e., pre-school) to grade 7 (senior primary, i.e. up to twelve years of age)."

.... "The school has a reputation that its pupils are happy and very proud of the school.
The following comments have been made by pupils about the school: ...
  * We like it that we go barefoot to school in summer;"

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Hendrik Louw Primary School kids
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