General Foot Care for Children
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Barefooted Children Have Better Feet

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Sweating Feet

An active child's feet are always in a sweat; sweat is nature's way of getting rid of bodily waste, and cooling the body at the same time by evaporation. But nature never intended us to keep our feet overheated, covered with stockings and heavy leather shoes all day so the sweat cannot evaporate.

Accumulated sweat is accumulated waste which decays on feet which are covered. The child who wears shoes all day would need to bathe and change his socks twice a day, in order to keep his feet fresh. The barefooted child whose feet are soiled with dirt from lawns or floors of the house, would in this sense have cleaner feet than a child who has worn a shoe and stocking all day.

In most cases sweating is either from too much and too heavy footwear, or from the strain of fallen arches. With fallen arches, the feet must work harder to walk; they therefore sweat more. The first thing that clears up in treating children's fallen arches is excessive sweating. If yours is the rare child whose feet over-sweat naturally and are tender, use a tablespoon of alum to a gallon of warm water. Have him soak his feet in this solution for fifteen minutes at night, for several nights, and the excessive sweating will be relieved long enough to allow skin macerations to heal up.

Care of Fallen Arches in Children


Barefooted Children Have Better Feet