Take Off Your Shoes and Walk
by Simon J. Wikler D.S.C.
   (Doctor of Surgical Chiropody)

In this book, podiatrist Dr. Wikler advocated going barefoot for better foot health (especially for children). He also explained how shoes often deform and distort our feet. We have made a fair-use extract of this wonderful, but long out-of-print book published in 1961 by Devin-Adair. Parents! . . . If anyone gives you any grief about allowing your child to be barefoot, having this overview on hand should be very helpful. Additional material by other researchers can be found here.

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 . . . It is not enough that children's feet be free from deforming shoes - foot health also depends upon going barefoot in order to develop agility and strength in the feet   . . . For toddlers, shoes should be worn outdoors only during inclement weather and indoors only for infrequent dress-up occasions . . .

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