Bare Feet in Literature

The Barefoot Boy Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn I'd Pick More Daisies
The True Story of Spit McPhee Astrid Lindgren Laura Ingals Wilder
Where the Red Fern Grows Strawberry Girl The Springs of Joy
The Hobbit;
The Lord of the Rings
Voice of the Turtle Summer at Buckhorn
Andy and the Lion The Bridge to Terabithia Lentil
What Do You Do With a Kangaroo ? Fly By Night Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

All these items are referenced for their portrayal of characters that often (or always) preferred to go barefoot. These books are also chosen for their suitability for children. Some of them are very good as read-alouds. If possible, links to (online bookstore) are provided for readers convenience. We do not have any arrangement with Amazon and get no fee for such referrals. This is entirely a non-profit website.